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Truck Driver Jobs

Overcoming Truck Driver Shortages to Keep America Moving



Trucking contributes significantly to the US economy, because it ensures safe and timely delivery of goods where they are needed. With trucks accounting for almost 70% of transit tonnage, it's easy to see that many businesses, distributors, and customers would be affected by a serious hiccup in this type of logistics business. 


However, even more important in the logistics business are truck drivers. Truck drivers sit at the core of logistics capacity for the entire US economy, and any shortage of truck drivers can have far-reaching implications for all stakeholders. That is why trucking companies often have to go the extra miles in periods of rapid economic growth to find, hire, and keep qualified and experienced drivers.


However, the shortage of truck drivers is not exactly bad news for companies and the US economy if all stakeholders play their cards right. For starters, rising demand for personnel in the logistics industry is an indicator of a growing economy, and demand for transportation of goods.


Secondly, recent statistics released by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) show that America will need to hire about 50,000 truckers by the end of this year to cope with growing logistical demands.  This is an opportunity that truck drivers looking for work can grab and enjoy reasonable remuneration.


Why would it make sense to look for a truck driver job today? If you are a qualified truck driver, trucking companies are hiring because they are looking for people with your qualifications to help address a shortage. The companies understand pretty well the role of truck-driving, a job that no company can viably ship oversees. This means that truck companies are willing to pay well to make drivers comfortable in the long run.


So, what does it take to secure a truck driver job?   You will need a commercial driver's license (CDL) from the state of your permanent residence to qualify to drive trucks with the capacity of at least 26,000 pounds. That qualification holds for most tractor-trailers and bigger straight trucks. If you are seeking to drive trucks that transport hazardous materials, you will need a CDL license, no matter the size of the truck. Also, a good driving history is vital for people who wish to become successful truck drivers. Never fail to visit to figure out how to get a license quickly.


To get a CDL, a driver is required to pass a written test on all relevant traffic rules and regulations. He or she will also have to demonstrate competencies for truck operations. Qualified drivers are needed now more than ever before to help keep the freight industry moving!